February 2010

Dear Navin & Ulupi,

This writing is a tribute to you for your dedication and service to our community.  You are not simply proprietors of your store; you genuinely care about the health and welfare of your customers.  Many times I've witnessed you carefully working within a customer’s budget, so as to make sure they are able to get every item they need.  No one walks through your door without receiving a warm greeting and in addition, most of the time, there is an inquiry of some sort about the persons' health or a family members health.

You have both been an enormous help to me over the many years I have been your customer.  Being one who does a lot of research about various supplements and their benefits, I love to discuss my findings with you.  Countless times you have graciously answered my questions and imparted your knowledge regarding the "subject supplement" or "alternatives" that in many cases were just as effective, yet less expensive.  This kind of exceptional care of your customers turns your customers into friends. 

To your health and continued success!

Kathy Hart

I am so happy to have found Sunshine Natural Foods. I was recently suffering from severe symptoms of menopause and was completely out of sorts both physically and emotionally. After describing my issues Ulupi knew exactly what may be helpful. In just a week I was restored back to sanity and my physical symptoms are nearly completely gone  and definitely manageable. I'm so grateful and will be a customer for life.

Melinda M